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Florida Education and Technology Conference – Orlando


An interesting place to be for the next several days is the Orlando Convention Center for The Florida Education and Technology Conference. For more information see

I will be there and let you know what I see that is relevant to transmedia and education.



Were the Oscars Transmedia?

Like many I watched the Oscars last night and couldn’t help but think, was the broadcast trying to be transmedia?

There was certainly a much more complete digital media strategy by the Academy this year with a new Ipad app that offered plenty of great content. The live web cam grid gave the audience a different way to enjoy the broadcast.

Twitter was alive last evening when it came to the Oscars with supposedly over 2 million tweets as reported by TweetRanch.

So the question I would ask, when answering the question I posed above, did all the various digtal media efforts by the Academy actually enhance and advance the narrative of the evening?

I think maybe. There in lies the rub for me with transmedia. Is there an actual definition? What do you say?

The Ipad as Transmedia tool

I have been using my IPad now for several months and in my opinion it is an amazing tool for transmedia storytellers and and their audiences. It is also a compeling platform to design a transmedia experience around. If you want an example you would have to look no further than the amazing IPad graphic novel operation Ajax.

If you have an IPad download it here.

It is a game changer in the area of publishing and transmedia, in my opinion.


Meet me at StoryWorld

Meet me at the StoryWorld Conference in San Francisco October 31- November 2.

These are exciting times in the media industry. Content, technology and consumers are colliding in new ways, opening the door to previously unheard-of opportunities—and requiring new approaches to creativity and collaboration.

Together, partners from diverse industries can work together to craft a “story world”—the universe from which multiple narratives emerge, expressed via books, games, movies, social media, apps and more.

StoryWorld Conference + Expo gets its name from the idea that the development of a cohesive universe, in which characters and storylines coexist and follow the rules of an established mythology—is at the center of any successful, lucrative, well-crafted transmedia effort.

Transmedia at the Austin Film Festival!

Please join us for the transmedia panel at the upcoming Austin Film Festival Conference October 20-23. The film festival runs from October 20-27th. Here is the information on the panel:

Transmedia Storytelling
Stephen F. Austin Hotel, Assembly Room
As people spend more time on a variety of entertainment devices (1. mobile, 2. iPad, 3. laptop, 4. TV are the order in which 18-34 year olds list their most important devices in their life) more storytellers are being asked to write for as many media outlets as possible. Join this discussion about how filmmakers and screenwriters are embracing transmedia storytelling to tell stories and reach a wider audience.
Mike Fry, Bob Soderstrom, Fred Strype
Moderated by Daniel Lorenzetti

Badges for admittance to the conference and the festival can be purchased on the festival site.

See you all in Austin!

R. Eric Lieb Explains Transmedia at TheGrill@Tribeca


Watch Eric …a one of our panelists from SXSW 2011 talk transmedia in N.Y…

FYI…the above panel was done with a very creative program called ComicLife

The Electric Company is producing a transmedia math-literacy series called Prankster Planet, set to debut with the third season premiere of the Emmy-winning show May 2 on PBS Kids Go!

There are 12 two-minute animated segments have been produced and are part of an overal “transmedia” experience in which story elements in multiple media will each make a unique contribution to the overall story. Wow! Real Transmedia…and for Education not Profit!

Transmedia Hollywood 2011


Transmedia Hollywood 2011 at UCLA was a great sucess. It was the second year for the gathering of academics and entertainment industry experts who spoke about transmedia initiatives and projects in all forms from gaming and television to film. It was equally interesting to roam the halls of such an interesting film school. Managed to connect with some interesting people at the gathering from designer Scott Robertson, Rick Carter and Dylan Cole to producers like Caitlin Burns of Starlight Runner and director/producer Tommy Pallotta (Collapsus). The event was hosted again by Henry Jenkins of USC and Denise Mann of UCLA this year at the warm and cozy James Bridges Theater on the UCLA campus.

The Art of Immersion

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of Fank Rose’s new book. The Art of Immersion, you should. 

Listen to an interview with Frank at WNYC.

Frankenstein goes Transmedia!

It seems that the Brits have decided that the classic Frankenstein can told in many ways. An interesting story At Obessed with Film.