There have been very few purely transmedia initiatives that have come out of publishing. It is however heartening that Random House has recently opened an IP division specifically devoted to transmedia. I hope to have a chance to talk with the CCO of that division, Keith Clayton very soon. I hope to have some of that conversation on the blog soon. 

In my presentation at SXSW I used St. Martin’s Press Personal Effects Dark Art as an example of transmedia. Written by J.C. Hutchins and Jordan Weisman of ARG fame. The book comes with physical photos and documents, images and drawings in the book by the main character, web sites with web pages for the characters and phone numbers to call to listen to characters voice mails.   

Also some claimed  publishing industry firsts like: 

  • Pre-released prequel fiction-distributed as a free serialized audiobook
  • Fan created content
  • Video Blurbs from writers and filmmakers about the book
  • and they claim you can even find out things the characters themselves don’t know.


It’s worth a look… 

Personal Effects Dark Art

Personal Effects Dark Art