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R. Eric Lieb Explains Transmedia at TheGrill@Tribeca


Watch Eric …a one of our panelists from SXSW 2011 talk transmedia in N.Y…

FYI…the above panel was done with a very creative program called ComicLife


The Electric Company is producing a transmedia math-literacy series called Prankster Planet, set to debut with the third season premiere of the Emmy-winning show May 2 on PBS Kids Go!

There are 12 two-minute animated segments have been produced and are part of an overal “transmedia” experience in which story elements in multiple media will each make a unique contribution to the overall story. Wow! Real Transmedia…and for Education not Profit!

Transmedia Hollywood 2011


Transmedia Hollywood 2011 at UCLA was a great sucess. It was the second year for the gathering of academics and entertainment industry experts who spoke about transmedia initiatives and projects in all forms from gaming and television to film. It was equally interesting to roam the halls of such an interesting film school. Managed to connect with some interesting people at the gathering from designer Scott Robertson, Rick Carter and Dylan Cole to producers like Caitlin Burns of Starlight Runner and director/producer Tommy Pallotta (Collapsus). The event was hosted again by Henry Jenkins of USC and Denise Mann of UCLA this year at the warm and cozy James Bridges Theater on the UCLA campus.