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SXSW 2011 Presentation March 12th 5PM

It’s that time again…time for sxsw 2011 I will be moderating a panel entitled:

Can Transmedia Save the Entertainment Industry?

Here is the description:

Everybody wants to preach about Transmedia but will it be the savior that some people promise? As a movement transmedia has attracted significant interest in publishing, advertising, interactive and film. Most major publishers now have Transmedia divisions. Most large advertising agencies are developing Transmedia campaigns for clients. Game developers were into Transmedia before most people and video games are now routinely becoming films. In the film world, the Directors Guild of America has now officially designated “Transmedia Producer” as a viable credit line. All very well. But will the investment in Transmedia reap big rewards for the Entertainment Industry? Will it stem a seemingly inevitable decline in audience and revenue? Join Daniel Lorenzetti of TransMediaMatrix and SXSW 2010 Transmedia Storytelling Presenter as he interviews prominent Film Producers about the movement and the progressive projects that are blazing a Transmedia trail across the entertainment industry.

Panelists include: Eric Lieb of Blacklight Transmedia, Christian Raymond of Austin Studios and Louis Provost of Walt Disney Films. Should be a lively discusion about the true merits of a transmedia effort from people in the trenches making it happen. Hope to see you there!


Back and Better than Ever!


Took a bit of time off after my last presentation in November for the Austin Forum. It was a great audience. 250 plus! Some great questions. A couple about using transmedia for good rather than just making more money. It got me thinking. So I slowed down a bit and tried to think about that. Incorporating some greater good transmedia efforts into my presentation like this one: Collapsus

Should you have any other relevant suggestions let me know!

Transmedia presentation Tuesday November 9th!

Please join us at the Austin Forum for where I will give a transmedia storytelling presentation with collegue Juan Garcia on Tuesday evening November 9th 6-8PM at the ATT Conference Center on the campus of the Univeristy of Texas.

More information can be found here : Austin Fourm 

See you there! Daniel

Transmedia Article in Wired UK


An interesting article on Transmedia in entertainment in Wired UK magazine!

Transmedia – a novel idea!


An interesting essay by Simon Pullman about the novel as the driving platform for transmedia.

Transmedia’s Design School

I had the opportunity to speak to the entertainment design students and faculty at The Art Center in Pasadena early this week. If you are not familiar with this institution you should be. It is a unique place. These young people are doing amazing work and they will surely contribute to the development of transmedia initiatives in entertainment in the future. In fact most of the students in other majors like film, environmental design, automotive design will also make significant contributions.

Guillermo del Toro On Transmedia

One of our favorite directors Guillermo del Toro weighs in on transmedia storyteling.

Transmedia -even a cave man can do it!


An interesting point made by Laura Fleming in her EdTech blog that the “ The earliest forms of storytelling were transmedia in their own right. Oral stories were told using a combination of music, paintings, dance, song, and of course narrative.”

Q&A with Transmedia Producer Nina Bargiel

An interesting Q&A with the transmedia producer responsible for MTV’s Vampire drama Valemont.

Is Transmedia Lost?

ABC’s recently concluded series LOST did a better job than most producing transmedia elements in the franchise. Bet you didn’t know about Lost University.

Courses include:
The Building Blocks of Storytelling
Exploring Redemption and the AfterLife

Not exactly a comprehensive transmedia element but a creative idea you could run with….